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COVID 19 UPDATE: Like the rest of the world, we at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center are concerned about the health crisis we are all living through and are monitoring the situation closely. During this challenging time we are maintaining two top priorities: the health and safety of our patients, and the ability to continue providing our patients the best care possible. Although cleanliness is always a priority, we have taken many extra steps and will be bringing in outside services to thoroughly clean our facility. Although Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center is concerned for the well-being of our community, we also realize we serve an important role in keeping people well. Please visit our Facebook page to access links, research, and articles about how to boost your immune system, the benefits of Chiropractic care and fighting off viruses, and our latest updates. Thank you.

8 Weeks To Wellness


There is nothing more valuable than good health. Without it, we cannot live up to our potential. The United States is currently in a health crisis. As a country, we spend outrageous money on healthcare, yet as a population, we are far from healthy. In fact, today’s healthcare is not healthcare at all; it is sickcare. The system is not proactive, it is reactive.

At Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center, your Chicago chiropractor Dr. Jason Fennema, DC, urges you to take the information you know, as well as what we will teach you through our program, 8 Weeks to Wellness in Chicago, and transform your life and health – before you become part of the sickcare system. We will be here to support, encourage, and inspire you through the entire program in Chicago, 8 Weeks to Wellness. We have already transformed the lives of many of our patients. Give us eight weeks and we really will change the rest of your life!

8 Weeks to Wellness in Chicago includes:

Massage at Ravenswood Health
  • Complete Physical with computerized nervous system scans, blood pressure, Bio-impedance analysis, Body Mass Index, and a comprehensive spinal exam.

  • Personalized nutritional consulting, including dietary guidelines and supplements.

  • Two chiropractic adjustments per week using the most scientifically-based research technique in the profession, C.B.P (Clinical Biomechanics of Posture).

  • Two on-site Personal Training sessions per week with NESTA-certified personal trainers.

  • One hour of body work per week with a massage therapist.

  • Meditation CD with at-home instructions.
Consult Room at Ravenswood Health

The Chicago 8 Weeks to Wellness program is designed to comprehensively approach wellness and physical rehabilitation. We don’t subscribe to fad diets. We don’t endorse gimmicky exercise programs. In fact, 8 Weeks to Wellness in Chicago is the only program of its kind which addresses health and positivity from multiple perspectives, each designed to tackle a different, yet equally important, aspect of bodily health and spiritual renewal.

So if you have eight weeks – and are willing and able to dedicate them to yourself, to achieving your potential, and to living the life of your dreams – give us a call. Don’t be shy; our friendly staff at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center will discuss the Chicago 8 Weeks to Wellness program in detail, respond to any questions you may have, and help you make your first appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!